The Four Noble Truths

Shared by Ann.

Buddism is philosophy, psychology & religion.

Philosophy: Some people see Buddhism as finding a way to lead your life differently.

Psychology: finding and investigating yourself through mindfulness and meditation.

Religion: Certain beliefs. Each sect has different practices, but almost all of them practice The Four Noble Truths.

  1. Suffering
  2. The Cause of Suffering
  3. The Cessation of Suffering
  4. The Path of the cessation of Suffering

Suffering: We all suffer personally, socially, and mentally. Not getting what we desire is suffering.

The Cause of Suffering: When you have greed and crave, there will be suffering. If you don’t accept the situation as is, there will be suffering.

The Cessation of Suffering: Accept what it is and stop craving.

We didn’t discuss the path of the cessation of Suffering.

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