New Student

If you want to attend our zazen-kai, please register first. We do NOT take walk-ins. 


There is no set fee.  Our zazen-kai is supported by dana (donations) from our students. Dana covers our expenses such as (the fee for the space, zazen equipment, etc.).  A basket for dana (donation) is placed outside of the zazen-kai.

Time (9:00am~10:15am) Sundays

Our zazen-kai starts at 9:00am Sundays. To avoid interrupting other students, students must be seated at 8:55am.

New Students Orientation:  New students must attend the orientation at the upper house at 8:45am. To join this session, you must try to arrive parking lot by 8:40am as you need to walk up to the upper house. 

  • Please wear comfortable clothing.
  • Students must wear long pants and socks. (white socks preferred)
  • No hats are allowed inside zendo.
Silence your Phone

Please turn off or silence your phone. 


Our zazen sitting meditation is for 45min, followed by an open discussion. Students will leave around 10:15am.

Direction to our Zendo

Our zazen class is offered at the Upper House, which sits on the slope of the Moon Viewing Hill at Hakone Gardens in Saratoga, CA.


The entrance is located at the upper side of the parking lot. Please enter through the gate, which has an “Office” sign.


Enter the 2nd gate in front of you.


Go up the path to the upper house.


Enter our zendo @ Upper House.

Entering Zendo


Shoes are removed outside our zendo. They are placed in an orderly line with toes pointing outward.


Upon entering the zendo, a bow is made with hands in gassho (palms together with fingers pointing upward, indicating respect).

*Hakone Gardens policy prohibits dogs (or any other pet) in the gardens or buildings.

Considerate of others…

Our weekly sessions have limited capacity, and we often are full and must decline some attendance requests. If you have a reserved spot and cannot attend, please inform us in advance by emailing so that we can offer your spot to another attendee. Those who reserve a spot, but do not attend and provide no communication to explain their absence will receive access to the weekly reservation form later than others.

New students must arrive before 8:45am at the upper house for the orientation. If you arrive late, you will disturb other students.