About Us

We offer zazen-kai, gathering to meditate in Hakone Gardens.  We follow Rinzai Zen meditation and all are welcome.  It  is our hope that the experience of zazen will help a student clarify the Path that  must determined as one’s own thus increasing Wisdom and Compassion in the challenges of every day life.

Our zazen class is offered in the Upper House which sits on the slope of the Moon Viewing Hill at Hakone Gardens in Saratoga, CA.  The house offers a place of quiet retreat in the garden.

* Zazen-kai is not affiliated with Hakone Gardens, Saratoga, CA.


   Rev Shingetsu Meido (Ann Rice)
  • Started as a student of Rev.Enyu Ito
  • Soto training 2010 to present at Middle Way Zen and San Francisco Zen Center.
  • Ordination as Soto priest June 2016
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Kaz Kihara (Kosai)
  • Joined zendo in 2010.
  • Along with Ann, organizing & leading the zendo with mission to offer the place to meditate to everyone in the community.
  • Business executive & triathlete, incorporating zen meditation to daily life.