In an expression of the  principle of impermanence, in 1998  Rev. Enyu Ito began offering an opportunity for students to attend and practice authentic Rinzai Zen under his guidance.  Over the years since, many students have experienced a deepening of Zen practice in their daily lives.  In 2016 with increasing age, he reduced the frequency of his participation and teaching and passed away 3/4/2020.

We no longer have a teacher however, we continue to offer zazenkai, a place to mediate together by follow traditions which Rev Ito taught us.

   Rev. Enyu Ito
  • Founder of Rinzai Hakone Zendo
  • Buddhist priesthood received at Honganji Temple, Kyoto Japan
  • 1996 Blessed with the master’s license from Honganji
  • Teaching Zen at Rinzai Hakone Zen-Do since 1998.
  • Link to his Biography