Nan’s experience with the tea ceremony

Flower arrangement by Raphael

Shared by Nan

During a winter Sesshin in Dallas last year in December,   I was partaking in a tea ceremony with my group. This was a journal from my experience.

During the tea ceremony, I was holding a very small cup … the tea server poured the tea inside my cup … everything was done in a very mindful and graceful manner. Bowing and serving then bowing .

As I looked at the green tea, I started to imagine the labor of love that went into the production of the tea… from the farmers growing the tea, harvesting, selling and preparing for the community.

I touched the cup and felt the warmth on my hands. I smelled the natural aroma rising from the tea.
Inhaling and feeling the goodness of it
exhaling and letting go of all my negative thoughts.

I started sipping the tea… introduced myself to it …getting to know it…  the mild and bitter taste as it touched my mouth …

I heard myself as I swallow each sip of the tea… I kept sipping slowly … every sipping has its distinct sound …

to my surprise … I felt as if there was plenty of tea in the small cup… I kept drinking but there was always more in the cup… it was a cup that just kept on giving … as though it was never empty.. I felt such an abundance!

I felt full from drinking from the cup!  Was the cup ever empty? Was it empty or full ? Am I still talking about the cup or my tummy? I do not know. I do not know yet I continue to smile as I am recalling this one with the tea!

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