Don’t try to ride two horses at the same time

Flower by Olga

Talk by Ann

From Daily Sutras (禅宗日課聖典)


You are the Light itself

Rely on yourself

Do not rely on others.

The Dharma is the Light

Rely on the Dharma

Do not rely on anything other than the Dharma.

Rev Ito, the founder of our zendo, used to tell Ann, “Don’t try to ride two horses at the same time.”

Ann grew up as a Catholic and then studied Rinzai zen. After Rinzai, she learned Soto zen. Which religion is the right horse for her? Buddhist or Priest? Wife, mother, friend?

Everything changes, including the horse you are riding. It doesn’t mean you have to ride the same horse for the rest of your life.  

Zazen helps to see who you are.

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