Rev Ito passed away…

We learned this a.m. that our dear Rev. Ito passed on March 4th.  His 90th birthday would have been in June.

At this time, we do not have any additional information to share.  But deemed it important to let you all know.
A while ago I asked Rev. Ito what he would prefer as a memorial for his students to remember him.  He asked for a simple period of zazen.
Perhaps each of us could spend a bit of time “on the cushion” in his memory and in appreciation for the gifts he has given us.  We will keep you advised of a more public zazen time for him, or if we have any other details of a formal service.  Additionally, research is being done as to how there might be an online Memory Page for him, and we will advise you of that as it is known.
Stanley Ito, Rev. Ito’s son, will apparently return from Japan sometime this month, although that could change due to travel restrictions.
Rev. Ito was certainly a study in Zen…touch and caring.  He taught me much and was the guiding priest in my becoming Buddhist. But his gift for me is not so much for what and how he said, but how he was as a person.
We will miss him.

2 thoughts on “Rev Ito passed away…

  • Considering what Rev Ito would say about the Coronavirus pandemic:

    As he frequently was in questioning interactions with me, his no answer would translate into the following:
    Figure it out for Your self, with Your capitalized and emphasized.

    His wife once told him after he had fallen, “You got yourself down there, now get yourself back up.” And then he would chuckle.


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