Following our chilly Sunday sit, we shared as a group about what we noticed before, during, and after our sit. A common theme was “COLD.” So now you are warned as a student coming to zazen at Hakone, wear something warm as it is likely to be getting even cooler in weeks ahead. We do have heaters…they just weren’t out yet on this day.

One sharing was around the remembered phrase: “Ever intent, thereby observe the apparent.” And that was the point of the questions. That is the task given to us in zazen, with eventual flow out to our everyday world. Notice, where your mind is as you fully are in this moment. If able to pull the mind away from the many distractions which call to it, you will experience the full aliveness of this moment, no matter what activity you are engaged in. Life, in its many expressions of joy, grief, confusion, clarity, surprise, disappointment, is apparent. Practice becoming more observant to what is completely here now…not just thoughts of the future or past but of this moment. Do this right now..stop reading, breathe, and notice.

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