Truth of path leading to cessation of suffering(道諦)

Kugyo san talked about Truth of Cessation of Suffering from Four Noble Truths.

She cited Hiku by Sasabune.

梅雨明けて 初めて咲いた 池の蓮

tsuyu akete   hajimete saita     ikeno hasu

Rainy season ends–

water lilies in the pond suddenly open.

Truth of Origin of Suffering

Kugyo san talked about Truth of Origin of Suffering from Four Noble Truths.

She cited poem by Mary Oliver “ I have Decided”

I have decided to find myself a home

in the mountains, somewhere high up

where one learns to live peacefully in

the cold and the silence. It’s said that

in such a place certain revelations may

be discovered. That what the spirit

reaches for may be eventually felt, if not

exactly understood. Slowly, no doubt. I’m

not talking about a vacation.

Of course at the same time I mean to

stay exactly where I am.

Are you following me?

poem written by Mary Oliver

Four Noble Truths (四諦)

Kugyo san talked about Four Noble Truths which are regarded as doctrine of the Buddhist tradition.

  1. Truth of suffering (苦諦)
  2. Truth of origin of suffering(集諦)
  3. Truth of cessation of suffering(滅諦)
  4. Truth of path leading to cessation of suffering(道諦)

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Couple reminder about our zazen meditation at our zendo.

  • Our zazen meditation starts at 8:00am with striking of the han.  Please be at zendo early.
  • While sitting, keep you back straight.

Zazen, what works for you

Teisho given by Kugyo san during today’s zazen meditation. She also cited lylics from“QUIET FAITH OF MAN” by Bill Staines

A baby child is born along the highway
A tiny little thing upon the land
An okie with his dreams out on the byway
Lifts the tiny baby in his hand
The woman smiles a little smile of knowing
And whispers something softly in his ear
Perhaps a little prayer to help the growing
Perhaps a word of comfort through the fears.

You trust the moon to move the mighty ocean
You trust the sun to shine upon the land
You take the little that you know
And you do the best you can
You see the rest with the quiet faith of man.